Goat Case

Trendy new phone case company had a great idea & needed help getting it to market and cater to “millennial” generation

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Project Description


  • Implement explosive influencer campaign via micro-influencers & celebrities on various social media platforms
  • Utilize the influencer posts to gain a loyal, engaged following on social media
  • Gain traction & momentum in the market just prior to the beginning of holiday season


  • ~$6M in revenue in first 6 months
  • Gained over 800k followers on Instagram in <6mo
    • Put in perspective: Otterbox only has 101k followers and has existed twice as long on social media
  • Widely considered to be one of the most explosive social media influencer campaigns that Instagram has ever seen.

Working with the Snow team has been great. Their customer service is extremely responsive, they pay very close attention to detail and they definitely know what they are doing! One of our favorite parts about working with them is that they own and operate their own ecommerce stores, so they understand the struggles and pain points of running a business

Cory Muroff, Founder, Cry Baby