Project Description


Matte Collection was a swimsuit brand that had never run paid ads before and wanted help with navigating the paid social channels to grow their company. Matte Collection needed The Snow Agency to provide our expertise to help them reach the revenue goals that they desired, at a profitable return on investment.


When Matte Collection first signed on with the Snow Agency, they were bringing in $30k a month in revenue without paid ads. Our first step was to capitalize on the existing organic traffic and serve targeted ads to drive revenue. The next challenge was to interpret the data from our remarketing efforts and determine an ideal customer profile to branch out into prospecting, expanding our audience pool, and building brand awareness. After our persona was polished, we developed content that would resonate with the target demographic. After our campaigns were properly targeted, our next step was to improve upon the customer’s website experience. These efforts ensured that the customer’s entire buyer journey was optimized to resonate with them. 

Develop Ideal Customer Profile

Building off of the organic audience that Matte Collection had amassed, we were able to determine that Women ages 18-34 were our ideal target audience. This allowed us to focus our creative efforts and targeting to meet this vertical’s needs. Honing in on our target demo allowed us the freedom to capitalize on the high return on investment that we generated, by expanding our efforts to reach different verticals and scale horizontally. While the majority of our spend was directed towards women aged 18-34, we were also able to reach older women at a very profitable ROI.

Content Development

Knowing that our target customer persona was women between the ages of 18 and 34, our goal was to create content that would capture Matte Collection’s strong branding in a way that appealed most effectively to our audience. By using a mixture of product image carousels, dynamic catalog ads, and dynamic placement ads, we were able to both scale revenue aggressively and achieve growth in brand recognition.

Increase Website User Experience

At The Snow Agency, we understand that there’s more to building a brand than paid social channels, and we aim to perfect the customer experience from top to bottom. With this fact in mind, we employed our standard best practices for website optimization for Matte Collection, increasing conversion rate, revenue per click, and page value sitewide. We accomplished this by using a mixture of customized landing pages designed with our target demographic in mind/ improved product page layouts, to ensure that the user experience was pristine across all channels.

Scaled Revenue Efficiently

At The Snow Agency, our number one priority is achieving a profitable return on our investment for our clients. We value building a partnership above all else, so we guarantee that budgets will only be scaled when profitable. Before signing on with The Snow Agency, Matte Collection had never run paid social ads before and was skeptical about the return they’d get. Throughout the duration of their tenure as a Snow Agency client, Matte Collection averaged a return on ad spend of 5.55, a number well above their minimum profit margin. We averaged a 10-20% increase in overall budget at a profitable margin, before narrowing down on our ideal persona, and scaling to monthly revenues in excess of $275k. 

Results Working With THE SNOW AGENCY

Total Duration:



Spend: $407,258.65

ROAS 5.55

First 90 Days:



Spend: $34,564.95

ROAS 2.80

First Year:




ROAS: 6.07

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