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Project Description


Simply Inked was looking for help to launch and scale their brand new Temporary Tattoo Company quickly and efficiently. They were in need of a team that could handle both Facebook and Google ads, as well as help with overall website optimization.


In order to scale this company both quickly and efficiently, we prepared a plethora of highly targeted prospecting and retargeting campaigns. Additionally, we took a deep dive into the website and analytics in order to provide Simply Inked with solutions that would increase conversion rate, average order value, and decrease overall bounce rate.

Website Analysis

We discovered that Simply Inked had a very low conversion rate compared to the industry standard. Using our knowledge of consumer behavioral patterns as well as our expertise in website optimization and conversion funnels we were able to formulate and execute a plan of action immediately. Furthermore, we noticed that Simply Inked had a lower than desired Average Order Value, which could be easily improved with a few adjustments to their website and banners. After implementing these changes, Simply Inked began to see results right away. Conversion rate increased by 15% and AOV was increased by 18% after our website optimization consultation.


15% Increase in CVR After Changing


18% Increase in AOV After Changes Made

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Content Creation

In order to scale revenue to the best of our ability, we worked collaboratively with the Simply Inked team to develop and implement unique and high converting content. Using our proven knowledge and insight that has allowed us to scale our own 8 figure brands, we helped to create new custom Story and Retargeting content. In just two months since launching this new content, Simply Inked has directly experienced thousands of purchases at well above a 2.5x ROAS.

Story Content


489% Increase in Conversions 

45% Increase in ROAS

New RT Content


Accounts for 54% of all RT sales since implementation

New Customers

Due to the fact that Simply Inked was a new and unknown brand, we were not able to rely on a significant amount of past data, or brand awareness, to see conversions. In order to face this challenge, we began by implementing custom audiences as well as interested based audiences relating closely to Simply Inked target demographic. This not only allowed us to accumulate more data and scale even more quickly and effectively each day but also created a sense of brand awareness for Simply Inked. Along with this, we created heavily segmented retargeting audiences in order to present tailored content to people who were already interested in the brand. In our first 60 days after launching Simply Inked, we were able to improve revenue by 22,240% at a 2.98 Average ROAS. This allowed Simply Inked to increase production greatly, and invest more capital into their brand for future success.

7.7k Facebook Followers

583,196 Website Visitors             

12,500 Website Orders


Return on Ad Spend

Choosing the right agency to work with is one of the most critical factors in determining the success of your company. We’ve had nothing but a positive experience working with the Snow Agency. We launched our brand with them and have been able to grow consistently month while improving our ROAS month after month. Their team is very professional and has a solution to almost every problem you will come across ranging from content creation to website optimizations. 

To sum things up, these guys have years of experience and are extremely proficient at what they do. We look forward to working with them for years to come.

Luca Botzenhardt, CEO, Simply Inked

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