Timeless Gold Rose

Client had a seasonal Valentines Day store selling gold-plated roses, but were not utilizing digital marketing.

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Project Description


Client came to us mid-January with no website, no discernible marketing plan, and no prior website data. Being that this was a Valentine’s Day gift store, time was of the essence and we needed to build the site, execute influencer campaigns, and build a robust ad account in an extremely short period of time. We put all of this together very quickly and were able to devise a plan, execute it, and optimize and scale under pressure.


In order to acquire quick organic content, we embarked on an enormous influencer outreach campaign and were able to acquire over 20 marketable videos and pictures that were posted organically on the influencers’ pages and repurposed for utilization on Facebook and Instagram ads. In order to get the most juice out of each order, we consulted on the web layout/sales funnel and implemented an extremely aggressive funnel with post-cart upsells in order to maximize Average Order Value (AOV) and increase conversion rate.

Website Analysis

Being that the client was very open to suggestions, it was easy to build the exact layout and funnel that we know to be the highest converting in all of ecommerce. This allowed us to achieve a high AOV ($53) and conversion rate from the start.

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New Customers

Since there was virtually no traffic or past data from the brand, we had to quickly acquire data and make custom audiences on the fly. Starting out, we targeted broad audiences that had an inclination to be purchasing a Valentine’s Day gift. Through quick spending of ad dollars, we were able to acquire meaningful on-site events which we then utilized to both retarget and create lookalike audiences from. We retargeted potential customers with aggressive discounts and free expedited shipping in order to convince them to order before Valentine’s Day. 

+ 975k


+ 3.3K






Content Creation

We acquired numerous testimonials & raw footage of people receiving their gifts from their significant others. We edited all of this content to make “insider” style hype videos which elicited a direct response and created a ton of buzz around the products being the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts. This content was very shareable and we achieved a ton of organic reach in addition to paid reach.


 $908,351 revenue from January 15 – February 12. 

  • Facebook Ad Spend: 2.57 ROAS ($187, 394 spend, $481,710 revenue).
  • Google Ad Spend: 3.01 ROAS (141,873 ad spend, $426,641 revenue)

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