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Project Description


Trigger Fanatics was a brand new company that wanted to launch their brand online. They needed help building a website, creating content, developing a brand identity, and acquiring customers in a quick and profitable manner. 


Due to the fact that Trigger Fanatics had no creative assets, pixel data, or inbound traffic prior to working with us, we had to take an extremely methodical approach to traffic acquisition. Although there was no initial conversion data for the pixel to learn from, we still optimized for conversion immediately. Moreover, we spent the first week of the campaign simply learning how different demographics reacted to our content, ad copy, and product. After taking a deep dive into the feedback (both positive and negative) of our initial campaigns, it gave us insights into what specific criteria was needed in our next piece of produced content to resonate with our target market. We continued this process throughout the length of the campaign and allowed us to make meaningful creative and analytical adjustments to provide us the ability to scale the Trigger Fanatics brand. After the first 30 days of marketing, our meticulous attention to detail has produced such phenomenal results that it left Trigger Fanatics with a large shortage of products that we had to cut-back ad spend.

The Process


+ 58%

58% increase in conversion rate after the first 60 days 

+ 5

35% increase in average order value after the first 60 days


First 60 days launch stats:

3.4x Return on ad spend

$296,738.59 revenue

Working with The Snow Agency to launch my brand exceeded my wildest expectations with this brand. I had no idea the power that social media marketing was capable of for my products and I am glad that I took the leap of faith with The Snow Agency to launch Trigger Fanatics. They were insightful, knowledgeable, and most importantly constantly communicated with me and gave constant feedback on their learning. I look forward to working with The Snow Agency for a very long time and really count on them as being members of our company and not just an agency. 

Justin Kemperman, CEO , Trigger Fanatics

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