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We have have perfected the formula that has allowed us to create our own 7 and 8 figure brands within a matter of months. We are now here to share this knowledge and insights and take your brand to the next level!

Our Process

1. Analyze

When working with a new client our first step is to take a deep dive into the brand from an analytical and holistic perspective. We believe that in order to succeed as your marketing partner, transparency is of paramount importance. Here are a few questions we communicate to kickoff our relationship :

  • What are your KPIs ?
  • What is your goal in the next 6,12 months?
  • What are some problems we can help solve?

As well as questions we try to solve internally

  • How can we increase AOV, CR?
  • Has the FB pixel been properly implemented, tracking, etc?
  • Where is the money being left on the table?

2. Develop Customer Profile

In order to construct a successful marketing campaign, we must first profile what character traits the ideal customer portrays. This customer profile is a composition of machine learning and custom interest and affinity based characteristics that we use to identify common patterns between current customers and potential customers. After successfully identifying this customer profile we thoroughly analyze everything about this person such as what shows they are watching, motivates them in their purchasing behavior, their financial income, and what influencers they follow on a consistent basis.

3. Implement

Once we successfully identify a winning customer profile, we start to build out a series of data based audiences to acquire new customers who have never heard of your brand. Once they are in our marketing funnel, we begin to segment these custom audiences based on the type of action with your brand (added to cart, engaged with an ad, visited your website, liked your facebook page etc) as well as the time of their action. Moreover, we painstakingly continue to test and optimize our lookalike and affinity based audiences in order to establish additional winning customer profiles and in turn, grow your business to new heights.

4. Influencers

Far before the term influencer marketing was even a term, we were doing it. We have worked with thousands, yes you read that right … THOUSANDS of influencers on social media of all niches and sizes and have established a proprietary formula that we bring to our clients in order to give a competitive advantage over the competition.

We have access to a large network of high-profile celebrities, athletes, and reality TV stars which cater to a wide variety of audiences & niches. Due to our longstanding relationship with these influencers, we have access to the lowest rates in the industry! Let us help you bolster your own influencer campaigns for explosive growth and an abundance of reusable content on any ad platform!

5. Optimize

Optimization is getting down to the nitty-gritty and testing a wide array of methods & ad copy styles to find out what works best for each brand. All brands do not optimize equal! This phase may take anywhere from several days to several months. The light is at the end of the tunnel, once we find the winning recipe for your brand and are confident in maintaining daily profit, we are ready to scale!

6. Scale

Ah, yes– everyone’s favorite part. There is nothing more exciting than PROFITABLE explosive growth. Seeing your customer base & revenue increase concurrently is our MAIN GOAL! Prior to scaling, we will optimize and fine-tune campaigns to ensure that your store is ready to scale successfully. Ready to take your business to the next level? So are we!

7. Repeat

See what our clients have to say:

Working with the Snow team has been great. Their customer service is extremely responsive, they pay very close attention to detail and they definitely know what they are doing! One of our favorite parts about working with them is that they own and operate their own ecommerce stores, so they understand the struggles and pain points of running a business

Cory Muroff, Founder, Cry Baby

What separates The Snow Agency from all other agencies is their business acumen, attention to detail, and mastery level of knowledge as it pertains to Facebook, Instagram, Google, Amazon, Email, and beyond. When I was looking for someone who could help my business grow and could provide profitable, proprietary marketing strategies, The Snow Agency was the clear-cut choice.

Evan Ruccolo, Founder, Berkley Ecommerce Holdings

The Snow Agency was able to get us a steady 5x ROAS for our brand Shine Armor. Their methods for creating content, testing audiences, and scaling is unlike anything else we have ever seen. We have a few more brands that we are launching with The Snow Agency and I am sure I could expect similar results!

Brandon Monaghan, Shine Armor

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