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If executed properly, email marketing will be your most valuable complementary revenue stream. Unlike all your other marketing costs, you do not have to pay money to reach customers on your email list and will be your highest ROI marketing strategy. We can help design an aggressive email collection funnel and incentivize high-intent prospective or existing customers to sign up for your email list. We are constantly A/B testing ad copies, creatives, and promotional campaigns in order to deliver you the best results and revenue possible.

Our Process

1. Learn

We will take a deep dive into your current email structure and strategize the ins and outs of what content, ad copy, or incentives are needed to drive purchase decisions in the quickest manner.

2. Optimize

We will segment your email list into a plethora of different groups in order to send customers more personalized and relevant emails. We are constantly split testing every step of the email funnel in order to increase open rates.

3. Automated Sequences and Flows

We will create automated abandon cart and sequences to win-back high intent customers and convert them into making a purchase via email, push notifications, sms, and FB messenger.
We will also create customized “welcome” and post-cart flows to cross sell and upsell customers into making repeat purchases.

4. Plan

We will plan out a 90 day window of all marketing campaigns. During this process, we will also make ample recommendations for opportunistic campaigns that we can also apply to our other marketing channels.

5. Outbound Campaigns

We will create highly customized outbound campaigns via email, sms, push notifications, and FB messenger.

6. Grow

We will implement tools and technology in order to capture as much customer information as possible and help grow your email, sms, messenger, and push notification database.

7. Repeat

The work never stops! We are constantly working and studying insights in order to be more efficient and increase revenues consistently.

See what our clients have to say:

Working with the Snow team has been great. Their customer service is extremely responsive, they pay very close attention to detail and they definitely know what they are doing! One of our favorite parts about working with them is that they own and operate their own ecommerce stores, so they understand the struggles and pain points of running a business

Cory Muroff, Founder, Cry Baby

What separates The Snow Agency from all other agencies is their business acumen, attention to detail, and mastery level of knowledge as it pertains to Facebook, Instagram, Google, Amazon, Email, and beyond. When I was looking for someone who could help my business grow and could provide profitable, proprietary marketing strategies, The Snow Agency was the clear-cut choice.

Evan Ruccolo, Founder, Berkley Ecommerce Holdings

The Snow Agency was able to get us a steady 5x ROAS for our brand Shine Armor. Their methods for creating content, testing audiences, and scaling is unlike anything else we have ever seen. We have a few more brands that we are launching with The Snow Agency and I am sure I could expect similar results!

Brandon Monaghan, Shine Armor

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